The Best Way To Narrow Down Your Niche

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Are you struggling to find your niche? Do you feel like you are all over the place and have no idea what to do with your business? If so, then this blog post is for you. We will discuss how finding a niche can help improve your confidence within building your business, help you set sustainable goals, and build the community to support your dreams! 

What are you passionate about 

After asking yourself the question above, you should start a list of things that are most interesting to you. Make sure that this list consists of things that you are also passionate about and could see yourself speaking to them often.

If you’re good at something, it’s important to figure out what that is. Are you an amazing artist? Do you have a knack for building things? Do you enjoy teaching others? Maybe you have a service or product to offer.  

It can often take some time before we find our niche; especially if it differs from common expectations for us as individuals with certain backgrounds, interests, personality traits etcetera – but once found these niches allow us an opportunity to shine brightly into the world! What do YOU love doing most? 

Time to narrow down your niche 

You may have started to write down some interests and realize you have so many more passions than you knew of. Great! 

Are there 1-3 interests that you could see yourself creating content around? Starting a podcast or YouTube channel? Can you see yourself passionately creating and delivering content around these interests for a long period of time?  

This is the beginning of your niche! Just note, that as you grow and expand, your niche may change slightly or all together and that is ok. This is just the beginning. Once you pick a niche and start to create content you can test what works for your audience and what doesn’t. Or, as I mentioned, your whole interest and passion may change. 

Find a need in the market for that skill 

Once you find your 1-3 interests it is time to do research on what is already happening within the market, what demands there are, and how you and your content can help your ideal audience.  

The best way to find a need in the market for your skills is to ask people what they think. You may not have a large community yet. Though you can ask family, friends or even do a poll on social media. This will help you get an idea of what some people may be looking for.  

Another great tool is Google. I am sure you have noticed when you start to write in Google it tries to predict what you are wanting to search. This is a great way to start writing out questions that your ideal customer may have currently to see what pops up within the search engine. You can also do this with YouTube. Note: YouTube is owned by Google. 

Fill it! 

Now that you see what your ideal audience is having issues with and wants to know, it is time to create that content! Will you be blogging? Creating a Podcast or YouTube channel? Focusing on social media or live streaming? How can you get your content seen by your ideal audience? Where do they show up?  

Get to work and start marketing your business 

Here is the fun part. Marketing a business may seem daunting. With the correct research, passion, focus, and content for your specific audience, It can be a lot clearer than what you were trying in the past. When we try to market to everyone we market to no one. Now that you have a target audience followed by a niche specifically for them it is easier to talk to them. 

Keep working hard, but don’t forget to take care of yourself too 

Hustling doesn’t mean to run yourself ragged.  

I always preach about making sustainable goals. They don’t need to be number-focused, but strategic so you can see that you’re on the right track – and it’s important not to put out content every day in an effort just for quantity over quality. It is still important to take time for yourself by being kind with your own self-care practices so that when there are days where we have less work or inspiration outside of ourselves, then our practice doesn’t become a drag because it feels like giving up! With goal setting I know I’m taking small steps towards my big end project instead of quitting halfway through due to feeling behind all the time and having these feelings snowball into other aspects of life which might cause more stress than necessary. 

The big picture 

Narrowing down your niche is an essential step to success. It may feel intimidating, but it’s the best way to ensure you are targeting your specific audience and have content that appeals to their interests. Once you know who you want as an audience, write about these topics only in order for them not be overwhelmed with information they don’t care about. Lastly, be patient – success doesn’t happen overnight so be sure to enjoy the journey! 





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