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Testing Positive

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Never in a million years would I think I would be writing this post. To be honest, I do not even know where to begin. So, here it goes.

Where it all began

After a few years together, about to celebrate our birthdays, and having a horrible 2020 so far, I wanted to make this weird year special for Steve! I just recently came back from a girl’s trip with my sister in San Diego, and it was enjoyable! I wanted to share the same experience with Steve.

Currently, the plane tickets were only $229 round trip and I found a property (VRBO) close to the beach. I planned to make lunches and take them to the beach and just chill out all week. The day finally came for us to head out and none of it went as planned. YET! We still had a lot of fun.

Where it went sideways

As everyone should know, 2020 has been the year for unfortunate events. Everyone has been extremely terrified of COVID-19, BLM movement, election and more! My mom kept harping me that we were going to get sick from everything in San Diego, despite the fact I just came back from a trip with my sister and we were both fine.

It was inevitable. Once we landed back in Phoenix I started to feel ill. The first thought was “I can’t tell my mother she will never let me live this down”. So, I just kept working and pushing through it. Every day I woke up congested, tired, nauseous, bloated, light-headed, and just awful.

Steve yelled at me to get tested for COVID-19 and I could barely stand up without wanting to pass out. He finally called our One Medical doctor and forced me to talk to them in a video chat! Which they suggested I get a COVID-19 test. UGH

When I gave in

As stubborn as I am, I kept pushing it off. Until finally, I ate a salad, thinking let’s be healthy, and not even 15 minutes went by and I had to run to the bathroom. I was immediately sick and throwing up. At this point it had been 4 weeks of this. OK!

I scheduled a COVID-19 test.

This was a drive up testing site at CVS Pharmacy and I was pretty nervous. The day of I was prepping myself yet I knew you didn’t have to shove anything into your brain. The appointment at 1pm was approaching. Within the final half hour before I had to leave I decided to go to the bathroom. Out of nowhere I had an urge to try a pregnancy test that Steve bought me months before when I was having 42 day cycles.

Yeah, not normal!

My hormones had been all over the place this year wreaking havoc. Sitting there I watched the lines lightly form a plus (+) symbol…

I read the instructions over and over. These have to be old… or I am reading it wrong. Though, I didn’t have time I had to head to my test. When I was done with my test, which was not bad at all, I rushed home to try taking another test yet this time using the digital ones. Those suckers actually say PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT.

Steve was at his desk working when I got home. I ran upstairs and quickly took it. Watching it blink for minutes was taking forever! And then there it was….








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