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What is a geek?

Within the first episode, Bridget and I tackle the question, 

What is a geek?

Season One

Make sure to start here. I know they won’t be the best because we were just learning how to cast. Let’s be real. We still don’t know! 


Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3

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Jenna Clark

Creator of Geek Responsibly

Currently writing a novel, streaming on Twitch, reviewing comics, and building a mini series for Geek Responsibly Podcast – Jenna’s downtime consists of reading smut books, eating, and gaming.

Bridget Levi

Bridget Levi

Co-Host of Geek Responsibly

Co-hostess with the Mostest! When Briget is not on the mic she is behind a camera! Lover of Conversations, Noods and the Goonies – Bridget’s downtime consists of digital art, eating and playing video games.


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