Want to Know How I Became A Mommy Sellout

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By now I hope you have seen my YouTube series Mommy Sellout! If you haven’t you should definitely check it out HERE!

What is Mommy Sellout

When Bridget and I first met 12+ years ago, we were both in relationships. She was married and I was in a long term relationship. We both had the same strong feelings of not having children.

Being in your early 20’s, you feel like you have the whole world to explore and figure out. Unfortunately, many wrong turns can end you up in weird situations and not even close to where you wish you would be. Though, I was still adamant on NO CHILDREN!

Growing the f*ck up

My early 30’s, I started to get the tiny inkling of “Maybe, I could be a mother”. My relationship at the time was not showing any signs of being able to handle himself or a child. Many times I would think about raising it myself. This is one of the main reasons I started my corporate job.

I wasn’t positive about having a child and I still had so much that I wanted to accomplish. The thought was that this is the next stage of life, right?

The other thing I noticed was all these women with families killing it within their fields. How do they do it?

I will be honest, I am terrified of being a mother. I always worry: Will I be good enough? Will I screw up? Will there be hard times? I won’t know what I am doing!

The answer is, YES!

No one has to be a parent. No one should force anyone to do something they are not wanting to do. However, even though I was steadfast in my decision to never have children, it changed on a dime when I met Steve. Primal instincts really took over and I wanted to have all of his babies! With this experience of my own and knowing some others who have had the same urges after meeting their partner, I can safely say it can depend on feeling supported, loved, equal, and respected.

I am proud to be a

Mommy Sellout!







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