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I’m Pregnant!

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There was no mistake within that second test. This was a very bittersweet moment for me. On one hand, I love Steve and we have talked about having a family. Yet, with both of us trying to build side hustles/businesses, have full-time jobs, and doing our own thing we haven’t been on the same train for a minute. On top of that with my recent hormonal issues, I figured I couldn’t have kids. On the other hand, I was terrified. Ever since I was a young girl we are told that pregnancy is bad, painful, and run!

Thinking immediately to the fact we are not married, didn’t own our house, and wondering if we were ready, passed through my mind.

Times need to change

Back in the day, women were encouraged to start producing in their late teens early twenties. There is an increasing amount of women having children in their 30s. Then we are told we must pick careers over family or vice versa. This is the rise of the Sheconomy!

Yet, to think, myself at 34 would be pregnant with my fiancé is a bad thing because of society, was alarming. Instead, I went to Etsy and started looking for pregnancy announcements!

Time to tell

Thank heavens for Etsy, amiright? I found the cutest Star Wars announcement for Steve. It said “On the way your apprentice is” with light sabers! At the bottom was where you were to tape the pregnancy test. Printing it off, I scuttled downstairs and cut the announcement with the only scissors we have! Hoping he wasn’t going to walk in on me.

Now, the date was November 10th, 2020. The election just happened, November 3rd, 2020, and within a group text with my family, we were making jokes about the interesting things happening with the ballots. I, being myself, decided to send a text that said “In other fake news, I am pregnant” and sent a Gif of a pregnancy test with someone else’s hand.

Not sure what to say, I started to tell Steve by “I think I jinxed us…” and handed him the announcement. He took it, smirked, then looked at it again, then me! “Are you serious?”

He stood up with his eyes tearing up and hugged me so tight!








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