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How Do I Feel Like A Bad Mom

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Since finding out that I am pregnant, I already judged myself multiple times with multiple different things of being a bad mommy.

Other women have been coming out of the woodwork letting me know all of the things I should be doing, shouldn’t be doing, and will soon be doing depending on the trimester. It has been quite a terrifying experience.

At first, I took everything with a grain of salt. I am not made out of glass. Why is everyone treating me like I am?

Believing is seeing

Boy was I wrong.

Again all pregnancies are different—every mom and soon-to-be mom experience completely different things. So, I figured I should start to do research. This is where I started letting fear get the best of me.

Don’t eat this, Don’t use this, Don’t do this!

It was like WebMD syndrome. Which is when someone tunnels down the black hole of WebMD and in the end diagnosis a paper cut as an amputation. I fell down that hole and I fell hard.

I started to get scared of everything and realized all of what I was using already was potentially harmful for my growing fetus. Bad Mommy!

Time to change

Immediately, I started following everyone I could on Instagram that would give me any insight of pregnancy, labor, and post partum. I bought every book that was recommended. I still was feeling horrendous and even with all the things I would be learning and trying to implement all I can say is


No matter what you read, learn, implement, or hope your pregnancy will be like, it probably won’t. WHICH IS OK!

I realize that I really have to learn to let go, live, and be smart about what my body is doing. All I wanted was Wendy’s chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, and the occasional radish for the first trimester.

And that is








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