5 Quick Tips to Help You Stream On Twitch

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Earlier this year I started my Podcast, Geek Responsibly, my website, Geeks & Garters, was updated and I began outlining a novel. Yet, I am now working on building my Twitch Stream! I have hit Twitch Affiliate within my first month!
Though, something that crosses my mind about this new venture is:

Is it too late to become a Twitch Streamer?

From my experience so far, I will go with NO! It is never too late. Some key points on how you can stand out in this bustling, over populated streaming world would be:

  • How do you stand out?
  • Find your niche ( what games do you play?)
  • Work hard
  • Time Management

The internet is endless! There are so many opportunities and many new ways to approach something that seems ‘too hard’ to be successful. Don’t let the fact that Twitch is popular and there is already people doing what you wanted. Also, don’t let your thoughts of not feeling good enough be an excuse to stopping you from living your dreams and passions.

How do you stand out?

This may seem difficult. However, there is a simple answer.

As long as you are creating entertaining and authentic content that is somewhat different to other’s streaming the same games. You Will Stand Out From The Noise!

Honestly, you do not have to recreate content. You can be incredibly successful doing something similar to others -just be yourself! This is the same when authors write books that are similar concepts as others. Though, they write the way they interpret which catches the eye of their followers.

Now I am not saying to go copy everything that another streamer is doing, because they are not you. You can take certain points, techniques or how they play the game and incorporate this within your own. This is a great opportunity to show the followers who you are! Your catchphrases, emotes, badges, sounds, and alerts can all be unique to you and your “theme”.

Similarly, you play Farming Simulator like Empyre. If he is not currently on, who says his audience is not looking for somebody just like you?

Find Your Own Niche

This will be a phrase that you will hear often. If you notice that there are gaps within the Twitch Market you should be looking to fill these gaps! What is the value you bring to viewers?

Are you an incredible painter? Do you love health & wellness? Why not incorporate these into live streams? You can paint and talk about techniques, brushes, and do giveaways.

Build up a community, you could start moving those live streams into YouTube channel which you can start connecting to even more parts of the world. If this continues to grow, who says you cannot write ‘How to’ PDFs and sell them!

There are ways to find your niche:

Who are you?

Just be yourself. Yes, people fake characters just like DrDisrespect, yet that is 100% him acting as his character! Which he has roughly 3million followers. Clearly, he is doing everything to entertain and engage his followers.

Study other’s Stream!

Read, watch, listen to everything that other streamers are doing that are similar to you and your stream. In this case, watch a ridiculous amount of Twitch streamers to understand what ‘niche’ they are working with. See which streamers are standing out on other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. While you watch, critically dissect what they do and what made their stream funny? What is their branding? What makes them stand out and engage their audience?

Just because there are 127 streamers doing better than you, doesn’t mean there is no room for you to become successful.

Simply put, get ready to work your socks off. Consistency is key. Get a schedule down to stream 3 times a week and 1 day jump into other streamers chat and watch. Yet, don’t work too hard…

Time Management

I understand it is overwhelming thinking of adding a Streaming schedule and dedicating 3 or more days to this platform. It isn’t easy to balance life and adding a side hustle. Time must become something you plan for! I added it to my Google Calendar.

Make sure to give yourself some free time to also relax. Note, if you are willing to drop 5 hours a week into a Netflix binge, that is 5 hours you could have spent creating or improving content…

I hope this helps and gives you a bit more confidence to jump into the Twitch Streaming world. The internet is endless with opportunities. I mean the other day I stumbled upon ASMR. I do not recommend looking into this, though now that I say this I am sure you already clicked out of here and searched for it. It was terrifying and confusing. Yet, seeing the amount of people following these Streamers built my confidence that I could make it with better content I just need to make the time and create the content!





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