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Welcome to Geek Responsibly

Hey, I’m Jenna Clark, and I love stories, reading, writing and being in them!

That is correct. Being in them!

It was during a hypnotherapy session in 2010, that I realized that I was obsessed with a TV Show called “Secret life of an American Teenager.” To be honest this show is not that great. Yet, for some reason I couldn’t stop watching it and feeling consumed by everyone’s story!

I expressed this feeling to my hypnotherapist and she asked me to start writing after each episode. To my amazement, I was emotionally connecting to these fictional characters by either past scenarios I had gone through myself, friends, family or perception of how I felt about myself.

With using the Jungarian archetypes and the Hero’s Journey, I will go through TV shows, movies, books, video games, etc to discuss where these characters are at in their journey, my first impressions and feelings of the character, and how I emotionally connected with them as a result. 

I’ve seen some people read a book, watch a TV show/movie or play a video game feeling extreme emotions after it was finished. 

Understanding that these resources will allow us to also better our own lives and see how we may benefit from learning from these fictional characters! 

I’m here to help you make that same emotional shift.

What there is so far

Season 1

Come join Jenna Clark and Bridget Levi in this amazing new journey of podcast history! They are just learning so be nice!


Season 2

Jenna and Bridget are starting to get the hang of this podcast stuff! Maybe we aren’t so bad after all! 



Videos Weekly on CBT, Hormonal Imbalances, Emotionally connecting to characters, Book reviews, and more! 



My personal pregnancy journey, trimester recaps, resources I find useful, and what I am learning!


Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
Carl Jung