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Psychology of Fandom!

Yennefer of Vengerberg!

  • What her backstory is
  • What archetype I have chosen for her
  • My first impressions
  • Does her archetype change towards the end of the first season
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Comic Review Honor & Curse #2

Mad Cave Studios

This is a phenomenal story of Genshi Sakagura who was orphaned as a young boy. Adopted by the Iga Clan after his parents were brutally murdered, he tries to become a promising young shinobi and just wants to marry the Lord’s beautiful daughter. Though he has a dark secret!

About Me

Jenna Clark is the Podcast Host for Geek Responsibly. Where she focuses on the Psychology of Fandom and how we emotionally connect to fictional characters from our favorite TV shows, movies, books and even video games! She works full time in Website Security with Godaddy and Streams on Twitch to an amazing ever growing community! 

In her down time, she enjoys working out, getting lost in books, and running marathons — the TV kind.

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